Aamir made it easy!


By Hindustan Times
Singer turned actor Monica Dogra who shot to fame with her music band Shaa’ir + Func is now trying her luck on the silver screen with Kiran Rao’s much anticipated Dhobi Ghat.
Making a debut in an Aamir Khan Production gives her a different high. “Kiran saw me on the cover of a magazine and contacted me through Facebook,” she says about how she landed the role. And after a series of auditions and narration Monica got a role opposite Aamir Khan.
Though she had a sleepless night before she was supposed to shoot with Aamir but the result is for all to see. “I was damn nervous when I first met Aamir. I thought and thought as to how shall I conduct in the front of him but then I followed my mother’s teaching of ‘be yourself’,” says Monica, who is among the very few actors who right after their first film managed a compliment from Aamir. “Aamir said that I’m a very good actor and even congratulated me for delivering a fine performance and added that he will remember my performance,” she gushes.
Her intimate scene with Aamir is the talk of the town. But the actor wants to keep it low. “It is like any other scene in the movie and expresses intimacy in an unconventional way.” Elaborating on her experience during the shoot while she was to romance Aamir in Kiran’s presence, “I had jitters before the scene but Aamir made me comfortable and everything went off well,” she concludes.
Monica also has all good things to say about working with Rao. “It’s Kiran’s first film as a director but her knowledge about cinema is great.”