Aamir Khan: Yeh kaisi talaash hai?


By Hindustan Times
MUMBAI, Oct. 19 -- Aamir Khan is one marketing genius. Recently, he took to Facebook and put up a link to a song from Talaash. But he wanted to keep the audience guessing, I guess, as they coulnd't access the song on clicking on the link.
Well, Aamir organised a contest, where players would have to unlock a code to get to the actual song. You know, talaash for the Talaash song. I think it was a superb idea and I also think the no one but Aamir can come up with such unique promotional strategies for his films.
But turns out that our janta is very bhola. Nobody knew how to crack the code. Frankly, it wasn't very difficult either. So poor Aamir decided to not trouble his fans, who were eagerly looking forward to hearing the song, and the next day he just put up the link to the actual video. How can people be so dumb?
But I must admit, what a strategy! I hope the next ones will be a little easier for the janta.