Aamir Khan gets the Mahabharata slot!


By Hindustan Times
True to his perfectionist image, Aamir Khan is insisting on having his way around every little detail of his debut TV show, Satyameva Jayate. In the latest development, the actor has been able to convince the channel, Star TV, that his show must be aired at 11am on Sundays, a slot remembered most for the epic shows Mahabharata and, before that, Ramayana.
“Considering his star status, the channel wanted to air Aamir’s show at primetime — 9pm on a Friday or Saturday. But, Aamir was absolutely adamant that he wanted his show to be telecast only on Sunday morning at 11am,” says the actor’s spokesperson, adding that the channel has now agreed. “Considering that the chat show features real people from different walks of life and their unfiltered emotions, Aamir wants families to sit together and watch it. And that’s why the Mahabharata slot. He said he won’t do the show if he doesn’t get this slot,” adds the source.
Also, Aamir put his foot down when it came to the title he wanted — Satyameva Jayate. Considering that the title appears on the National emblem and belongs to the whole nation, the makers can’t copyright it.
“When we went to register the title, we were told that we couldn’t copyright it and could not tag it to any kind of promotional merchandising. Several brainstorming sessions were held in which alternatives were suggested. But Aamir was clear he wanted this title and nothing else, even though it belonged to the country and he’d have to borrow it,” says B Shrinivas Rao, executive producer for Aamir Khan Productions Pvt. Ltd.
When messaged, Aamir confirmed his fascination for the title of the show, that will air from June after IPL ends. “Satyameva Jayate appealed to me the most,” he replied.