Zee TV: Love wins over money!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 11 -- It's a feel-good romantic daily. Every episode has a little bit of love and that's what holds the show together. The chemistry between the lead pair is more sizzling than the previous season. And that's a cracker!

Dev and Radhika (Avinash and Rubina) fall in love as kids at the age of 11 and 10. They accidentally get married during a 'samoohik vivaah' (group wedding) in their village. Then, they are separated by circumstances. Part 2 is about how they meet as adults and their attempts to make a match of their marriage.

Not a Pulitzer-winning storyline but the execution and production values deserve to be applauded. There's a distinct improvement in the performances, set design and camerawork. Rubina and Avinash are well cast. Locations and the background score are used well to take the story forward.

Our only grouse is that the plot borrows liberally from various Bollywood movies films of the 1970s and '80s. There's the eternal Cinderella and two stereotyped vamps. But hey, fairy tales have an evergreen appeal when presented well, right?

No mincing words...This is one of the lousiest non-fiction shows on telly. Absolutely no saving graces here! The opening episode would have liked us to believe that the families of the bride and groom were unaware of the channel's plans of funding the wedding. Sorry but that was hard to digest.

All the tears shed on the engagement day and the bride sending coy messages to the groom late in the night in the following episodes didn't make the show any better. And hey, anyone planning a modest wedding would hardly take off on R 20 lakh shopping expeditions. Here, the families are 'suddenly' loaded with R 1.5 crore each, and everyone frowns if they're told to limit their shopping in R 20 lakh only. This Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge style wedding doesn't impress despite the R 3 crore tag. Get real guys!