Zayed returns back to work in Bangkok after an accident while shooting Blue


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Zayed Khan who's currently on a self-performing stunts spree jumped out of a high-rise in Bangkok while shooting for Blue. The fall went wrong and Zayed's foreheaed hit the windshield of a car. "The blood gushed out and was all over my face. It took a while for everyone to realize I was injured," says Zayed from Bangkok.

After a visit to the hospital, a couple of stitches, heavy sedation and antibiotics on Sunday, Zayed was back shooting on Monday morning. "Fortunately the cut is hidden by my hair. So no continuity problems," says Zayed whose family back home, panicked when they heard about the accident. Earlier during the month when Zayed Khan's deejay brother-in-law Aqeel opened a new outlet for his chain of nightclub Poison in Hyderabad, Zayed with his wife Malaika and son Zidaan joined Aqeel in his hour of excitement. "Aqeel is not my brother-in-law. He's my brother," says Zayed who happens to be the only son in a family of daughters. "We're not just close; we also stay a stone's throw away from one another in Mumbai. We're there for Aqeel whenever he needs us. I came to Hyderabad with my wife just to support him."

Zayed's wife who's half-English (her mom is British and father Gujarati) was away visiting her folks in London for a whole month-and-a-half. She has just returned. "It was her brother's 40th birthday and the whole family was getting together. Much as I wanted her to stay back during the release of Mission Istaanbul, I could not keep her away from such an important moment in her family's life. She hadn't visited her parents for a very long time. First she was pregnant, then Zidaan was born and was to small to travel... This was her first break from Mumbai."

Zayed seems to be one of the few devoted husbands in Bollywood. "Am I? That's surprising. Anyway, let the others have fun. I'm happy being devoted to Malaika." While his wife was away Zayed had a ball shooting in the Bahamas for Blue and then Yuvraj. "Working with a living legend like Subhash Ghai in Yuvrajis such a privilege. It's tearjerker with drama about relationships. It's the quintessential Bollywood films. And my other forthcoming film Blue is just the opposite experience. It's a get-happy adventure-sporty film. I'm also a doing a romantic-comedy with Vashu Bhagnani. I haven't done one of those. I was dying to doing it. I'm looking forward to juicing this one."

A pakka family man Zayed has his father Sanjay Khan's reputation as a jubilee star to live up to. "I'm aware of my dad's track record. But I'm not just looking to equal his track record. I'm hoping to better it. But seriously, today the box-office has changed so much. Things were different in my dad's times. The relationships within the industry and definitions of success have changed. Today you can't walk on the road without a camera following you. You either love it. Or you don't. But I'm not scared of the future. I'll keep trying until I succeed."