Zayed bonds with 'bro' Fardeen

Mumbai, June 22 (IANS) Zayed Khan has been bonding more closely than ever before with cousin Fardeen ever since he lost his father, Feroz Khan. Always known to be fond of each other, the two are now almost inseparable.

Fardeen, who finds it hard to articulate his grief to anyone else, is very much at home with his cousin and had been missing Zayed in Goa where he has been shooting for the past one month for director Rohit Shetty's comedy "All The Best".

Trying to be funny on camera while feeling far from amused is the last thing Fardeen wants to do at the moment. Sensing his brother's anguish, Zayed after landing here from Macau suddenly took off for Goa to give him company.

Uncharacteristically, he went without his wife and son.

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