Zarine's item, Asin's envy!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 27 -- Guess who's giving Asin the heebie-jeebies now, wonders Safedi Lal as he struts into my abode. I've no time to play riddles, so get to the point, pronto, I order him. My dhobi then tells me it's Zarine Khan, who made her acting debut in Veer. So?

So now her item song, 'Character dheela...' with Salman Khan in Ready is making the film's heroine Asin very apprehensive. Reason: This is the first song to be used in the film's promotions on air, after the actor's 'Dhinka chika...' number introduced Ready to satellite television and internet.

My washerman claims to have got it from an insider that Asin has not taken too kindly to the importance Zarine was getting at the music launch in Film City on Monday night. So much so that while she was all smiles with the item girl for the shutterbugs, she gave thanda thanda cold cold vibes to her when the flashlights went off. Why am I not surprised?