Zarina Wahab goes for a Bengali film

By Hindustan Times

Actor Zarina Wahab, who was last seen in Agneepath (2012), will star in a Bengali film about the still-existing brothels in the northern part of Kolkata. “I’m the malkin (owner) of such a kothi and I supervise the training part of the girls in it. It is a different role for me and Kolkata having a rich tradition of classical music encompassing all genres; it’s the right place for such a movie,” says Wahab.

The 53-year-old is happy to make her debut in Bengali films because she feels directors there make good cinema. “When (director) Nehal (Dutta) narrated the script before me, the tale of a girl brought to a kothi in Bowbazar and her transition into a modern day baiji, I sensed it was going to be a rocker which none had attempted in the last several years,” says Wahab.

Dutta visited the areas to research for the film. “T