You like sex, I'm sex: Vidya Balan


By Hindustan Times

Vidya Balan admits she had a blast playing Silk in The Dirty Picture who wore sexuality on her sleeve. The actor says the character gave her an opportunity to shed inhibitions and let go.

"I've celebrated my sexuality in this film. I would thank Ekta and Milan Luthria for giving me this opportunity. I've given it my all," she tells Bollywood Hungama in an interview.

About getting into the skin of a seductress, Vidya Balan tells the website, "It's in every woman. We know how to seduce, how to woo. A lot of times we are shy too. We are inhibited to let that show. As an actor you get this opportunity that you let go and let loose. It's over the top, it's in your face sexuality. She wears her sexuality on her sleeve, but she's beyond the body. It's about the person, about her attitude. You can see that in the dialogues, the choices that she makes in the film."

Saying it's the most colourful character (Silk not Silk Smitha) she has played so far, Vidya Balan goes on tell the entertainment portal, "The way people shot her, it was exploitative in a sense. She was way ahead of her times. I really had a blast playing this character. You like sex, I'm sex, take it or leave it."