"Yes, I am directing a film for SRK" - Anubhav Sinha


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

It's confirmed. Shah Rukh Khan has entrusted Anubhav Sinha (of Dus and Tum Bin fame) with the responsibility of directing a Red Chillies production. Though earlier there were speculations around the authenticity of the news piece, the man at the helm of affairs comes out in open.

"Yes, this is true. I am indeed going to direct this film which would be heavy on CGI and VFX. At this moment no decision has been taken on whether Shah Rukh Khan would be acting in the film or not as the script is still being finalized", says Anubhav Sinha whose last release was Cash.

Budget of this yet untitled film has been pegged at $25 million (Rs. 100 crores) which automatically makes it India's most expensive film ever. What does Anubhav feel about this transition to the super league? "With big power comes bigger responsibilities", chuckles Anubhav while obviously quoting superhero Spiderman.

He continues, "The film is obviously huge and there would be extensive pre-production required for it. Shah Rukh is getting some of the best technicians from the world to work on the project. When he makes a statement that the film has to match the standards set by Spiderman, I have to be continuously on my toes."

Since the film is CGI and VFX laden, is it mainly an animation/special effects film, as reported in some sections of media. "What rubbish", says an amused Anubhav, "You don't spend 100 crores on a core animation film. This is very much going to be a live action film with real people. But yes, it would have high dose of VFX."

It was two years back that Anubhav Sinha had got into a first round discussion with Shah Rukh Khan around the project. Khan went on to do Om Shanti Om in the interim and recently gave a nod to his dream project. Was he overtly bothered about the Cash imbroglio?

"He hasn't spoken to me about it", replies Anubhav, "I don't know whether he has seen Cash or not. In any case, he has been in the entertainment business for long and fully understands what goes behind the scenes for the success or failure of a project."

While work is still on for the production and financing of the film, Shah Rukh Khan is already said to be in talks with Eros Entertainment and visual effects guru Charles Darby who has worked on films like The Matrix and Minority Report. Most of the year 2008 would go into getting the base ready for the film to come on floors.

As per Khan, the film is going to be over the top and a madcap with a feel that would be as beautiful as Spider-Man when it comes to special effects. Though Anubhav Sinha refuses to divulge much about the plot of the film, there are indications that the film with a feel of videogame would be centered on a bunch of children who wish for bad things but get a reality check when they come true.

"Let the suspense stay on about what the film is all about. In any case, I don't wish to reveal much about the film since it is at least a year away. Let me get my act in place till then", signs off Anubhav.