Yash Chopra was exceptional: Javed Akhtar


By Hindustan Times

Legendary writer and lyricist Javed Akhtar, who will soon be back on the small screen with his TV show, Classic Legends Season 2, says he doesn’t need to do any research for a documentary on late filmmaker Yash Chopra. “I won’t have to do any research to make a documentary on Yash Chopra because I have worked with him a lot — Deewar, Trishul, Kala Patthar, Mashaal and Silsila. In fact, the first time I wrote a song was for his film. Then there was Veer Zaara. These were his directorials and I also wrote for his productions,” said the 67-year-old.

Akhtar also praised Chopra’s works, saying everything in his films was well-placed. “Yash Chopra was exceptional. There are a lot of things about him that people have not yet understood and which has not even come out. In so many years, you cannot even once say that a line, a scene, a character or a situation was bad,” he said.

“Beyond the success or failure of his films, his films had a certain class and sophistication. It was never like he did things just for the heck of it,” he added. Akhtar also felt that Chopra’s films were fine literary works. “His understanding of language was amazing, his dialogues and songs had a literary flavour, a strength,” Akhtar said. The new season of Classic Legends will go on air on November 18 on Zee Classic.