Yana Gupta in Jazzy B's 'Groundshaker 2'


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

If you are one of those who were ‘victimized’ due to the massive shaking of the ground a few months back, all thanks to the ‘Groundshaker’ album that shook and stirred ya, then...be ready to mark January 18 in your diary as an important day and yes! Do not forget to hold on terra firma to the grounds on, coz’ here comes ‘Groundshaker 2’, an album that promises to follow up the massive ‘Groundshaker’.

‘Groundshaker 2’ features an impressive lineup of artists like Jazzy B, Apache Indian, and Hardkaur etc… The USP of the album is our very own Yana Gupta, who features in one of the videos ‘Chad Gayi Daaru’ sung by Jazzy B, the undisputed King of Bhangra! Must say, quite a Groundshaker, he is!

The music video has been shot by Ajay Jain. It features Yana Gupta, Jazzy B, Aman Hayer and DJ Kendall. So, be already to be shaken once again by Groundshaker!