Writer accuses Anurag Kashyap of lifting his story for Bombay Talkies



Anurag Kashyap's short film which comprises one segment in the upcoming compilation Bombay Talkies has run into trouble. Writer Nishant G. Ranjan claims that Kashyap's upcoming short film is based on his work.

Nishant avers that he had sent a story to Kashyap in 2011. The story he says, revolved around a person who wants Mr Bachchan to listen to poems dedicated to him. However, since there was no reply form Anurag's side, Nishant forgot about it.

It was only on reading reports about Anurag's short film did Nishant realize the similarities between both the stories. On inquiring further, he figured that this was very much his own story, and he took up the case with the Film Writer's Association (FWA).

In earlier interviews, Anurag had claimed that the story for the short film was one of the first scripts he ever wrote. At that time it was called Hum Bhi Allahabad Se Hai.

In a similar incident last week, writer- director Sudipto Chattopadhyay accused Zoya Akhtar of lifting the story of Pankh for her segment of Bombay Talkies.