World Cup final viewership broke records, 67.6 million watched it!


New Delhi, April 3 (IANS) Television viewership increased four times when India and Sri Lanka clashed in the World Cup grand finale with 67.6 million viewers with cable and satellite connections wathcing it for more than four hours, rating agency Audience Measurement and Analytics Ltd. (aMap) estimated Sunday.

The match Saturday got ratings of 13.7, which is the highest for any event so far and when the winning moment arrived, the ratings peaked to 21.44.

"Yesterday's (Saturday) viewership broke all records. Every Indian was glued on to TV to see the big win! Sixty-four percent of homes (cable & satellitte) were watching the game...The match was on for an average of four hours in every household," Jiniti Shah, vice president, aMap said in a statement.

"Viewership increased almost four times yesterday. Until the quarterfinals, India's matches had an average rating of 3.7, the quarterfinals saw it increase to 5, the semifinal ratings went up to 11 and yesterday's BIG WIN made it 13.6," Shah added.

The semifinal between India and Pakistan was watched by 67.3 million people with cable and satellite connections.

In a thrilling match, India defeated Sri Lanka by six wickets to win the World Cup for the second time after 28 years. People across the country came out on streets to celebrate the historic win.