Workers create ruckus on the sets of Himesh's M2KNDM2K!


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Early this week, it was a clear commotion on the sets of Himesh Reshammiya's Mudh Mudh Ke Na Dekkh Mudh Mudh Ke aka M2KNDM2K. Some of the workers apparently stopped work for an entire day and launched a protest, Reason? They claimed that they were unpaid for their work and after waiting patiently for last few days, they eventually gave up and put the shooting to standstill. Incidentally, it was supposed to be the last day of the shooting for the film's current schedule.

Says a cast member who was present on the sets when the issue snowballed, "There was clear resentment amongst the workers as they were constantly demanding money to be paid to them for their work over all these days. They had approached people at the levels reachable to them but to no avail. Eventually, they couldn't take it anymore and called it quits. They declared loud and clear that the work would resume only if they were paid for the days they had spent on the sets."

But wasn't it unethical to come up with such measures? "Was it ethical on the part of the makers to keep their own crew members unpaid? Don't these workers have to run their families? All said and done, it never seemed to be the case of shortage of money. These workers were just being shortchanged all this while", protests the source in favor of workers.

Himesh Reshammiya who plays the lead in the film was not present on the sets that day. However, Niharika Singh (leading lady of the film), Farida Jalal and Shakeel Khan (who plays a blind man in the film) amongst others saw all the action right in front of them.

On being contacted, a crew member (on the condition of anonymity) confirmed the news, "Yes, something to the tune of this did indeed happen though everything has been sorted out now. In fact on the same evening the workers were paid their money."

Replying to the query around what had actually transpired; she divulged after an initial hesitation, "It was an internal problem between the workers. The payment was given to an agent who didn't further pay workers on time. This is why once the schedule got over as per the plans on 15th September; they created a scene a day later. The incident happened on 16th and hence didn't impact the schedule at all. Thankfully, there is no issue anymore and we all are looking forward to coming back for the next schedule."