Will, hope and pride!


By Taran Adarsh,


It took a long time for Samir Karnik to release his second film

[although NANHE JAISALMER was ready for release in 2006, it will hit

the screens next week, on September 14], but he's ready with his third film

already -- ROSHAN. “You'll get to see the NANHE JAISALMER team --

Bobby Deol and child actor Dwij Yadav -- in ROSHAN as well, albeit

enacting different roles. It's the second film in the series. No, it's not a

sequel to NANHE JAISALMER. The stories are different, the setting is

different, only the cast remains the same,” Samir tells me. Kangana Ranaut

is the leading lady of this film.

If that's not enough, Samir is shooting MERA BHARAT MAHAAN at

a feverish pace currently. The title gives an impression that it's a patriotic

saga. “MERA BHARAT MAHAAN is not a patriotic film, it's not inspired

by THE MOTOCYCLE DIARIES either. You must've seen the wordings

[Mera Bharat Mahaan] behind every truck on the national highway. It

borrows the words from there since the protagonists embark on a road

journey in my film. NANHE JAISALMER talks of will, ROSHAN hope

and MERA BHARAT MAHAAN, pride. That's what [will, hope, pride]

keeps everyone going, right?,” he states.

While ROSHAN is slated for release before the end of the year, Samir

has also locked the release date of the multi-starrer MERA BHARAT

MAHAAN: 26th January, 2008. “It's the most appropriate week for my

film,” he adds. With three releases in less than six months, Samir Karnik is

ready to be labeled the next film factory!