Will help Isabella find a good launch: Katrina


By Hindustan Times

Katrina Kaif doesn’t deny that one of her six sisters, Isabella, has starry aspirations and is planning a career in Bollywood. However, the actor, who has just landed the coveted role opposite Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3, vehemently refutes rumours that she is planning to launch her sister. “Isabella is still studying acting. When the time is right, I will definitely help her get a good launch because by now, I pretty much know everyone in the industry, but I will not be producing a film for her,” she asserts.

Katrina is equally miffed about frequent stories in the media speculating over competitive run-ins with contemporaries like Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone and even newbies like Sonakshi Sinha. “I don’t know if the misrepresentation is intentional or not, but it’s upsetting,” she says, adding, “I’m so busy with my own life, family and career, that there’s no time to look over my shoulder and wonder about what others are doing.”

She insists that from what she can see, everyone has their space and is doing fine. “None of us are fighting with each other over roles,” she insists. “And while we may not be best friends going in and out of each other’s houses, we are chilled out enough to appreciate each other’s work.”

She points out that if she watches a promo, she makes a mental note to catch the film and express appreciation even if it doesn’t feature her. “But the press is busy trying to create rivalries over a 30-second appearance in a song when everyone can see that Bodyguard is Kareena’s and Salman’s (Khan) film. Right now my biggest concern is not my colleagues, but finding a dream house. I need to start looking for one, if I can find the time.”