Will be nervous to star opposite Sunny Leone, says hubby Daniel Weber


By Hindustan Times

Daniel Weber is not just Sunny Leone's husband. He's a guitarist from Los Angeles and Leone's business manager. The two also own a production company called SunLust Pictures Inc. After Sunny Leone created a storm with her bold Bollywood debut Jism 2, Weber, too, has many film offers on
his plate. "I have been offered several roles, some involve Sunny and some do not," Daniel told us.

"As of now I am going to start with some fashion shows, a role for a television show, before diving into a full film role," he added.

So the couple will not be sharing screen space in the near future? "0I think that I would be nervous opposite Sunny as of now in a Bollywood film. She has been studying very hard and I would need some time to catch up with my Hindi to feel like I can do the part justice," he explained.

Not many know that Weber approves Leone's scripts before she takes them up. The guitarist is proud of his wife's achievements: "She is moving at a very fast pace and is progressing very fast. She is very dedicated to learn Hindi and is taking dance lessons to make sure she looks and sounds great on camera. When Sunny is set out to achieve anything, she will stop at nothing to be the best."

Daniel concluded with a promise: "In just a few days we will release some great news."

Watch this space for more updates on the couple!