Why John-Bipasha broke up?


By Hindustan Times

After John appeared solo on Koffee with Karan making his singledom quite evident, Bipasha went on record saying she's single for the first time in 17 years. From Bipasha's insecurities to John's refusal for marriage, reasons for the couple's split are many.

Bipasha had reportedly given John the authority to come out in open about their break-up if he wanted to.

"It was very obvious when John walked in solo on the sets of Koffee with Karan that they were done. But he decided to keep shut, only opening up to few of his close friends," a source told Mid Day.

John not only did appear solo on the show, but also made statements like he is a "bed breaker" and his house is a "toll naka." Apparently, Bips was not too amused with his act and decided to go official about their split. Also, she has grown really fond of her Singularity co-star Josh Harnett, who also broke up recently.

So here are the possible causes which led to the lovebirds' split after 10 years of relationship.

John's commitment phobia

John had started taking Bipasha for granted and was not ready to take their relationship to the next level. "10 years is not a short time. Other couples would have settled down ages ago, but they obviously wanted to focus on their careers and make money.

But over the last two years Bipasha was getting increasingly frustrated with his attitude towards their relationship. He had started taking her for granted and it really hurt her," informed the source.

Bipasha's growing insecurity

Apparently, Bipasha kept hearing news about John's growing camaraderie with his co-stars like Katrina Kaif and Vidya Balan which made her insecure.

Bipasha joining Salman's clan

John was unable to digest the fact that his girlfriend wanted to act with Salman. "He was hurt that she was trying hard to get a film with Salman. Despite public declaration from John-Salman that they are no longer enemies, the fact remains that they still despise each other. When he confronted Bips, she denied and that got him more upset. They would keep having loud verbal arguments with things being thrown around. Friends would try to intervene but to no avail," informed the source.

Lack of chemistry

Bipasha hosted a Valentine's Day party and John turned up as well but there was no spark between the duo, added the source.

It seems that the duo have split for the better and have moved on with their respective lives.