Why David film's music presentation flopped


By Hindustan Times

Instead of actually singing their songs live, reputed singers like Lucky Ali and Shweta Pandit, who are part of the film, David’s soundtrack, chose to lip-sync at the film’s music launch concert at Hard Rock Café on Monday. That may explain why the event got barely any response apart from jeers
from the audience. Attendees felt let down also because the soundtrack has been in the news for featuring an eclectic mix of indie artistes.

For an audience that knows its music and turns up at a concert expecting a good show, there is nothing more disappointing that to watch their favourite artistes lip-sync songs, rather than perform them live. That’s exactly what happened at the music launch of David. The event was being promoted by the makers as a one-of-its-kind show where the artistes (most being indie musicians) who are part of the soundtrack will perform their numbers live. But that wasn’t to be.

Popular singer Lucky Ali chose to sing/lip-sync over a ‘plus one’ (a music track that has the vocals also). “I don’t do it regularly. Anyway, the event wasn’t meant to be a concert. It was just a presentation of the film’s music. Also, the venue isn’t really known for good acoustics which is required for a good show,” says Ali, who sang Ya Husain.

Singer Shweta Pandit, on the other hand, sang over the recording of Mast kalandar. It was amusing, especially since the track featured the recorded vocals of Rekha Bhardwaj, who has sung the track in the soundtrack. Pandit explains, “As performers, we weren’t happy doing that but had no choice. I was informed only at the last minute that I’d have to perform the song since Rekhaji couldn’t make it to the event. The show would’ve been incomplete without Mast kalandar. People shouldn’t judge us so badly. They’re not aware of what happens behind the scene.”

Director Bejoy Nambiar, on his part, defends saying that it’s better to go ahead with a show, even if it means having artistes lip-sync the numbers. “Out of the many songs that were performed live, only a couple of them were performed on a plus one. That’s because some numbers cannot be done live. I feel we made up for everything.”