Who's this film celebrity with Lata Mangeshkar?


By IndiaFM

It makes for a cute picture. Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar rustling through the hair of a young boy whose eye-popping look is rather ‘captivating’. No, the boy isn’t an off shoot of her large family. Instead, he later went on to become an intrinsic part of the extended family of Hindi films and also played a small role in giving Ms Mangeshkar a few of her acclaimed hit numbers.

Yes, the boy in Lata’s lap later turned a famous music composer known for his penchant for getting ‘inspired’ by foreign tunes, wearing heavy gold jewellery, sporting black shades even in the dark confines of studios-n-elsewhere and is one of the first composers to have worked with big stars like Samantha Fox. In the more recent times he is seen with an amazing regularity on the idiot box judging music talent shows and also getting in mock fights with irrepressible singers like Abhijeet. Many of his songs have been remixed but the one that went on to become one of the biggest hits was Kaliyon Ka Chaman….incidentally it had originally been sung by Lata.

The celebrity in the picture is none other than Bappi Lahiri