Who will be Wreck-It Ralph... Ranbir or Arjun Kapoor?

By Hindustan Times

Over the past few years, Bollywood actors lending their voices to Hindi-dubbed versions of animated films have become quite popular, with even A-listers lapping up the opportunity.

If sources are to be believed, Arjun Kapoor or Ranbir Kapoor may be next in line to join the list. They’ve both been approached to dub for the lead character in upcoming Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph.

An insider reveals, “Both actors have been approached and are considering the offer. Now it depends on who will be available and the amount they charge. But it will be one of the two for sure as the makers are convinced that both their voices suit the character of Ralph the best.”

The insider adds, “Also, they have a strong youth appeal, which will pull in more