Who stopped Salman Khan's shoot?

By Hindustan Times

Hanumant Rao Patil, a notorious film federation employee (FWICE) barged into Salman Khan's shoot and stopped it. The shoot was taking place in Mehboob Studios in Bandra.

"Patil, a self-styled king (read mafia lord), who has been going on upstaging Bollywood shoots for the past few months and tormenting filmmakers in the Hindi cinema industry, recently stopped a commercial shoot featuring the actor. In fact Salman was left cooling his heels in his vanity van. And this unpleasant incident has not gone down too well with the other members of FWICE," reports Mumbai Mirror.

Patil reportedly asked Raman Lamba, in charge of the production, to cough up Rs 66,000. Introducing himself as the head of 'Still photography Department' of the FWICE, Patil asked Lamba to pay up the required sum before continuing with the shoot, as he's not registere