Who are they to attack our film, questions Vishal Bhardwaj!



Filmmaker and composer Vishal Bharadwaj, who is co-producing Ek Thi Daayan, refused to meet and show the film to National Commission for Women (NCW) and said that the NCW’s view that women should not be portrayed in a bad light (as dayaans) is not justified.

“It is unnecessary. There is absolutely no point in this controversy,” said Vishal who further questioned NCW’s credibility on their knowledge on film making. “Who are they? What authority do they have on film making. How can they ask a filmmaker to come and explain their film before it is released. They have just seen the promo and have decided it is bad, without even seeing the film.”

The 47-year-old who was in capital for the promotion of his film further justified his refusal to show NCW the film, saying, “We got a certificate from the Censor Board and as per rules, I don’t have to go and show my film to anyone to get their nod after the Board has approved my film. I wonder what is the use of the Board if controversies like these keep popping up.”

Ekta Kapoor says that next up aliens will object to Krrish 3 and Superman for showing him wearing his brief wrong
Ekta Kapoor, who is one of the producers of Ek Thi Daayan, has also reacted sharply to the National Commission for Women’s view that women should not be portrayed as Daayans (witch) in the film.

“I can only imagine that soon aliens will stand up against Krrish 3 and say that the film cannot be released because it portrays aliens in a bad light, or one day Superman will say that he doesn’t want anymore films on him because they show him wearing underwear over his bodysuit,” Ekta lashed out, and added that the controversy doesn’t bother her.

“I have a U/A certificate from the Censor Board which means even kids can see it. I am going ahead with my film without any bother. I have done my job and if everything goes well, I will go ahead with a sequel for it. It is just bizarre that people can come up with such funny things to spark a controversy,” she said.

Ekta further added that the film will not be a stereotypical horror flick and that the film will be entertaining rather than terrifying. “It is spooky, it is supposed to give you the chills. The reaction will be more like ‘Wow what have I just seen!”