Where is our credit: Salim Merchant


By Hindustan Times

Music composer Salim Merchant is furious that the makers of Heroine are not giving him due credit for the hit song, Halkat Jawani. A tweet from the handle @HeroineTheMovie thanked everyone but him for the success of the song, when it was the famous Salim-Sulaiman duo who composed it. The tweet read, “#HalkhatJawani is definitely the song of the year, we are soo proud of #Heroine team. #Kareena @SunidhiChauhan5 @mbhandarkar268.”

An angry Salim replied, “@HeroineTheMovie the state of our film companies - who dont know or choose not to acknowledge the people who have made this F#*”ing song!! (sic).” Later, there was an apology from the Heroine handle, “We are sorry sir, 148 characters are too short to tag every one. We apologise again @salim_merchant @Sulaiman_M. People behind the fab music of #HalkhatJawani @[email protected]_M @SunidhiChauhan5 and others. Respect !!!#Heroine.”

But Salim is still livid. “It was upsetting when I saw that tweet from Heroine’s official Twitter handle. We have worked really hard to compose the tune ... without us, the singer, actor and the director would not have managed to create the song.”

Sharing his views on the issue, music composer Sajid of Sajid-Wajid says, “We’ve faced it a lot of times before. It’s unfair.” However, the spokesperson of the film denies that the handle, which has now been deleted along with all the tweets, was the film’s official Twitter account.

Others are angry too

We’ve faced this (trouble) a lot of times. Everyone should be acknowledged for their work. says Sajid from Sajid-Wajid.

The star always steals the limelight. The music fraternity is very suppressed. We don’t get our rights or royalties. It needs to change, says Lalit Pandit from Jatin-Lalit.