When the stars' 'finger' does the talking!


By IndiaFM

It is indeed embarrassing to see a person showing his middle finger at you. But what’s more embarrassing is to get caught showing the middle finger at anyone. And that is exactly our shutter-happy fotog did! The following snaps show the stars RAISING THEIR …YOU GUESSED IT RIGHT, MIDDLE FINGER! And this is what we assume that they must have meant by ‘raising’ their finger!

After a hard day’s (and even night) work, we hope that, this foto- feature will only act as a light hearted breather to everyone. So, it really becomes needless to say that:
The following snaps are STRICTLY supposed to be taken in a lighter vein

Priyanka Chopra

This goes to dearest Prakash Jaju,
Whose ever panga-taking attitude makes me go oooh
How dare he tries to strum my professional aabroo
Wonder what will be the ‘feedback’ / reaction of his rooh