When Salman Khan controlled crowds!

By Hindustan Times

He is known to cause crowd frenzies unlike anything seen before. But even Salman Khan can’t control a few things — berserk fans, for instance. And the superstar witnessed just that a couple of days ago in Dubai. There to launch Being Human (his charity organisation) stores, Salman was supposed to visit a few local malls. “Hundreds of people turned up and they were out of control. In that melee, several women and kids standing next to the barricades fell down and were almost trampled upon,” says an onlooker.

Apparently, the actor was worried because women were being pushed and kids were crying due to the unruly crowd. Seeing the stampede-like situation, Salman climbed onto the stage and attempted to control the crowds himself.

“Bhai told them that women and kids were being pushed around. And his efforts paid off because th