When John broke into a song for Bipasha


By IndiaFM

Of late John and Bipasha have been having a lot of fun on television, promoting their new film. But the fun peaks this Friday on Star's Voice Of India when John actually jumps off his chair to sing on stage for Bipasha.

Says a member of the VOI team, "John was reluctant. But when the participants and the audience insisted he just got into the mood and burst into the super-romantic ‘Dil keh raha hai’ from Kyun Ki. He was surprisingly in sur. It was mid-way through Kunal Ganjawala's rendition that John joined the singer and the participant Harshit on stage. On Kunal's request Bipasha came on stage to cheer John."

Bipasha loved the moment when John sang for her. Says Bipasha, "John has a tremendous love for rock songs, both soft and hard. And he sings pretty ok. I find him most adorable when he sings for me."