When Bollywood celebs found inner light!


By Hindustan Times

Life is funny. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down but mostly, you’re somewhere in between. But there are moments when, suddenly, you see something in yourself that you never saw before, moments when you see the light. It can be a spiritual revelation, an emotional awakening or simply a sudden surge of self-confidence. But once you see it, it changes you forever.

We talk to some Bollywood celebs about when they found their inner light.

Dia Mirza
The moment I saw the light within was when I saw my father’s face as he stepped into my first home in Mumbai. It’s something I can never forget. He seemed to realise that his little girl was now an independent adult and he was proud that she was living life on her own terms. The memory of that look fills me with supreme confidence and inspires and motivates me to march on.

Yaami Gautam
I was a very reserved girl, studying law in Chandigarh. But my heart lay in getting in front of the camera. The moment I saw light was when I got my first project. I can never forget the time I boarded that flight from Chandigarh to Mumbai. It was definitely the turning point of my life. From being just another student of law to where I am today, it’s been quite a journey.

Kajal Aggarwal
When the audience and my fans shower me with praise for my work, and when my family and friends feel proud of me, it’s the moment when I see light. It makes me feel more responsible and humble and gives me the strength to carry on without caring about the world.

Sonu Sood
While I was ecstatic on the professional front after being offered Singh Is Kinng, I was trying to come to terms with an irreparable personal loss. I had just lost my mother and all I wanted to do was bid adieu to films and go back to Punjab and live with my family, reconnecting with my roots. But after spending a few days there, I dreamt of my mother and she said to me, “You should not give up on your dreams and what you’ve worked so hard for. You should do your best, in fact with greater focus, to achieve success.” At that very moment I decided the course my life would take. I returned to films and tried to put in my best efforts. And I can feel her blessings with me even today, through my big moments of success with films like Jodhaa Akbar, Dabangg and Telugu film Arundhati.

Tusshar Kapoor
It’s the light within that helps me battle depression. There are times when I feel that nothing is going right. Work sometimes boosts you, sometimes pulls you down, but to rejuvenate myself, I contemplate and seek the light within, instead of looking for every external gratification. Sometimes, you are fine, but not happy. You can’t avoid feeling down or failing. But this light definitely helps me keep my confidence level high and stay optimistic enough to face the world.