When Anupam Kher met Woody Allen!


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Anupam Kher is one happy man these days. And he has all the reasons in the world to be so. He is fresh with the memories of not just meeting, but also working with the legendary Woody Allen, with whom, he is doing an untitled film which also stars the Slumdog sensation Freida Pinto. Anupam plays Freida's father in this film. Anupam describes Woody Allen as someone who is focused and very vocal about his thoughts.

The moment Anupam saw him; he immediately got flashes of scenes from the cult films like 'Annie Hall', 'Crimes and Misdemeanors' and 'Manhattan'. Recalling his priceless meeting with Allen, Anupam says that they when he spoke to Allen about the change that Indian cinema was undergoing, Allen, on his part, very simply replied that such a thing can happen only when the audience changes. At this, Allen also became nostalgic about his early years spent in the big city of New York, when he watched films (read 'masterpieces') of the eternal greats Satyajit Ray and Kurosawa.

Since Anupam did not want to miss the lifetime opportunity of meeting Woody Allen, he immediately captured all his memories in his camera. Not just that, he also gifted Allen holy copies of Ramayana and Bhagwad Gita. Speaking to Bollywood Hungama, Anupam Kher said that "I will always treasure the books that Woody Allen gave me. One of the books happens to be 'Without Feathers'. Allen not just gifted me the books, he also wrote 'For Anupam, Lots of adulation, Woody Allen."

We are sure that this is one meeting that Anupam Kher will treasure for rest of his life. So will Bollywood Hungama.