When Anil obliged a fan!


Author: After Hours Correspondent

While providing vintage vehicles to Kapoor for his film 'Gandhi My

Father', his admirer had a strange request

Shooting for period films can be a daunting task. Anil Kapoor too

realised this while he was doing the pre-production for his forthcoming film

'Gandhi My Father'.

There were certain scenes in the film, which required the Gandhi family

to travel in a car. Research revealed the particular make, colour and design

of the cars belonging to that era. So the production team began its hunt for

similar vintage cars. After several months of exploring, they located a

person in Nagpur, who possessed several cars of the desired type.
However, he appeared extremely possessive of them and was wary about

lending them to a film unit. He feared that they would be mishandled and

damaged. When Kapoor heard about this, he thought of personally

requesting the gentleman and assuring him that the team would take great

care of his prized possessions.

However, as a matter of pleasant coincidence, the concerned person

turned out to be a great Anil Kapoor fan!

When he came to know that this request was for Kapoor's maiden

production 'Gandhi My Father', he not only lent all his cars but also

refused to charge any money for them. Nevertheless, he had one

request—that Kapoor share a meal with him. Kapoor says, "He turned out

to be my fan. He right away allowed us to use his cars for a period of 40

days and refused to be paid for them. His only wish was that I have dinner

with him. And I loved the meal-homemade Maharashtrian food!

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