What's going on between Salman-Kangna?


By Hindustan Times

Guess who's the latest muse of Salman Khan? It's none other than Kangna Ranaut. Salman is going out of the way to spend time with the pretty actress.

Salman apparently rushed through a promotional shoot for Ready so that he can be with Kangna. "He was taking his own sweet time during the photoshoot with Asin. But when a unit hand came to inform him that Kangna was around, he asked the crew to wrap up the shoot soon so he could go meet her," a source told Mid Day.

Salman's growing fondness towards Kangna cannot be hidden. "He's extremely fond of her. The fact that he was extremely eager to spend time with her on the sets, speaks volumes. She, too, was excited about having him around," added the source.

Last week as well, Salman surprised everyone by turning up at Kangna's birthday bash at 4 am. Kangna also attended Salman's India-Australia match bash, reportedly.

Is it just friendship or something more? Wait and watch.