What went wrong between Kim Sharma and Yuvraj Singh?


By IndiaFM

Post her breakup with Yuvi, Kim Sharma is steering clear of the Indian cricket team - in interviews and outside them too

What went wrong between you and Yuvraj Singh?
Well, obviously things went wrong, and you don't break up in a relationship when everything is hunky dory. Right now, while talking with you, I feel that the general information that I can share with you is that we are not together. There are certain details I do not want to share.

It's not that I want to hide something; it's like wearing a revealing outfit. You are fine when it's decent, but you tend to cover it up when it looks a bit obscene.

I don't want to reveal facts that would make me look obscene. I mean I will be exposing a bit too much, if I talk beyond this. I have given explanations to people whom it was owed to, and I don't think that I need to talk about it any further. I love gossip, but I don't want to be the feeder for gossip-starved people.
Who is the most eligible person in the current Indian cricket team worthy of being your date?
Oh… I would rather keep myself away from Indian cricket team. I think Rahul Gandhi is too hot… wouldn't mind dating him though!

If you met your ex-boyfriend at a social gathering, would you make it obvious that you are not interested in him anymore?
I don't understand the idea of behaving like a school kid. I mean my mother has inculcated some culture in me, so I would be courteous enough to say 'hi' to him. But yes, I would certainly not stand with him and talk about global warming. I would move on and continue my evening with my friends.

Do you think that parental consent is important?
It depends from person to person. I can talk about my parents: they have given us the freedom of being adults. But there are times when they need to intervene and make us aware if we are going wrong. I mean for me my family comes first.

Often girls go against their parents' wish, so what happens when the relationship fails?
You don't disown your parents because of a failure in the relationship. In fact, in last six months I have realised that it's the best time to re-bond with your family and friends.

What is the major negative aspect you have noticed in men?
When you're in love, you don't really see the negative aspects of the person. But when you are out of a relationship, you try and judge the person. I am not saying this about any specific person, but I generally feel that men are threatened by stronger women. And I would never judge a person because I am not saint to judge a sinner!

Do you feel that people still have prejudices about film actresses and that families don't want their bahus to be actresses?
One must not judge a person by his/her profession; it's the prerogative of the family as to who they want to add in their family. In some families, the happiness of an individual matters, and in some families, it's a collective decision. I don't stand by any of them, neither do I point out my finger.

When you are in a relationship, you share every minute detail of your daily life with your boyfriend. What happens when you break up?
Well, if this question is directed towards me personally, then I would say that it's great to be in love. I am a huge romantic person at heart. This has been the longest time that I have been single, and I want to extend this period a bit more because I am not ready for another relationship. Missing the other person is limited to a superficial extent.

I mean when I am out with my couple friends, I do miss my companion, but beyond that I really don't miss anyone.

My mother is my biggest confidant, my dad pampers me the most in this world, my girlfriends have more b***s than any guys in this country, my sister is my best friend and when I feel like cuddling someone, I have my puppy and he doesn't even snore when he is sleeping with me. (Laughs) I mean where is the space for a man? (Laughs) Yes, they are an added bonus, but certainly not be all and end all…

Would you be scared to fall in love again?
This is not the first time that I was in love, and thankfully this is not the last either. I am waiting for Mr. Right and I am sure that I will get one.