What Bollywood is doing this Holi !


By Subhash K. Jha, Indo-Asian News Service

Mumbai, March 14 (IANS) For decades the Hindi film industry has marked Holi with great

fervour both on and off screen. But while most Bollywood stars have nostalgic memories of

the festival, not all seem keen on wild celebrations this year.

Madhur Bhandarkar: I've a toothache. So this year, just a small Holi with my wife and

some close friends. But Holi in the film industry used to be almost synonymous with R.K


Raj saab (the late Raj Kpaoor) and later Randhir and Rishi (Kapoor) used to throw such

lavish Holi bashes. I remember attending two of them. It was like watching Bollywood's

who's who marching in and out of the RK compound. Now there's Bachchan saab's Holi


Dino Morea: I love Holi. It's the time to disco. My brothers and me have had some wild

times in Bangalore. In Mumbai it's far less fun. Going to a friend's house for a Holi party

and getting completely coloured up.

Nandana Sen: I have just got back from New York, so I am a little jetlagged. Still I am

looking forward to getting all messy, making lots of noise and dunking my best friends in

purple water. The purple water is a big energy booster.

Anupam Kher: I am not a very Holi kind of person, though I do recall some really

wonderful times back home in Shimla with my parents and brother. Now of course Holi has

changed, and for the worse. No Holi for me this time. I'll be shooting at Kamalistan for

"Money Money".

Farah Khan: I'll be hiding. I don't like playing Holi at all.

Hrithik Roshan: Generally Holi is a grand affair for me and my folks back home (India).

I'll be shooting for a song in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Thanks for reminding me of what I

am going to miss back home.

Sammir Dattani: I have some really fond memories of some really wild times with my

friends during Holi. We would dunk our friends into coloured water and dance to "Aaj na

chorenge bas humjoli..." Very filmy but very real stuff.

Holi used to be a huge affair for our family. But now, with an element of indecency

creeping into the festival, we don't want to go beyond some mild celebrations, and that too

at home.

Anu Malik: My father passed away two months ago. I don't think it would look right if I

played Holi. I am invited to the Zoom Holi party. But will it look nice if I attended? But

I won't stop my daughters. Maybe I'll even join in with them a bit. But last year everyone

was jiving to my song "Do me a favour let's play Holi".

KK: "I'll be shooting in Goa for Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd. So, no Holi!

Mohit Ahlawat: "I'll be shooting with Ramuji (Ram Gopal Varma). And since he doesn't

believe in playing Holi, I guess we'll have no celebrations on the sets.

I remember back home in Haryana, Holi was a time of masti with the family. Do I miss

home at Holi? Nope. Too busy to miss anything!

Rajiv Khandelwal: Right now I have time, so I am spending time with my family in Jaipur

for Holi. But I am not really a Holi person. Given a choice, I'd rather curl up in my room

with a drink and a book.

Sujoy Ghosh: I am a Holi person. Love the colours. But dad passed away. No Holi.

Sohail Khan: Celebrating Holi with my kid and his friends.

Smriti Malhotra Irani: It's a day set aside for family and friends. The day will start

with traditional rituals. Then people will start to coming in. We have already begun


Victor Banerjee: Will be placing gulaal at Lord Krishna's feet, then at my parents'

feet. After sunset will dine at a fabulous Argentinean restaurant, 20 minutes away from my

hotel in Houston.

Deepti Naval: Will have a ball playing Holi at my home in Madh Island.

Shabana Azmi: Shooting in Goa. Only Zoya (Javed Akhtar's daughter) who is producing my

film could make me stay away from home during Holi. Abba (dad Kaifi Azmi) loved Holi. It

was an open house every year for us. Plenty of bhang, lots of besura singing and a fixed


Simi Garewal: I'll be locked up in my house and hide under the bed if friends descend on

me...as I have done every year.

Nakul Vaid: Shooting next day. Can't afford to have colour on my face. But otherwise I

have had truly memorable Holi celebrations in the past with my family and friends.

My best friend and I are quite notorious. We pull out all our friends from hiding,

especially those who don't want to play. But please, not strangers. Holi is to be enjoyed

with friends.