What’s in a name? Yash Chopra asks


By Hindustan Times

A Yash Chopra directorial project after eight years was certain to get talked about, but the secrecy around the film’s title has piqued the interest even further. Now we hear that the veteran filmmaker has finally decided on what he wants to call the Shah Rukh Khan-Anushka Sharma-Katrina Kaif starrer. However, the man is still keeping the title close to his chest.

“Yashji likes to keep things under wraps, so he isn’t revealing the title to anyone, not even his actors. Whenever anyone asks, he just smiles and says, ‘We will all know soon.’ All official communication regarding the film refers to it as ‘a new production’,” says a source.

Apparently, even SRK and Aditya Chopra had been trying to think of a name. A few days ago, SRK had said, ‘We want a title to mean something that can’t be destroyed — like love and belief. Yashji has something in mind. For now, it’s important to know that it’s my film and it’s coming out on Diwali. Naam mein kya rakha hai? (What’s in a name?).”

When contacted, the film’s spokesperson says, “Yashji has come up with the final title, but he isn’t revealing it to anyone.” Rumours are also rife that Chopra will launch the first theatrical promo and reveal the name of the film on his 80th birthday on September 27.