What’s cooking, Bipasha?


By Hindustan Times

Bipasha Basu and fitness go hand-in-hand. The Bong bombshell is keen to take her love for health a step further with a new venture – food line. She is already involved with fitness DVDs and a clothing line.

“A food line is definitely on the cards. And it will be absolutely organic. Since I have been too caught up with my films, I can’t put a deadline to the venture. But it’s surely going to happen and I am very upbeat about it,” says Bipasha. “Whatever I offer will be authentic because I work hard on all my ventures.”

Ask her what she has to say about other Bollywood actors who’ve jumped on to the fitness front and she says, “If other actors are also launching their fitness DVDs, why would I have a problem? If they too have a passion for fitness, then why not? But I can assure that whatever I offer will be nothing short of the best,” she says.

For the time being, Bipasha is excited to see her clothing line with Reebok, BB Love Yourself doing well in the market. “It’s very satisfying and exhilarating to see it doing well. Whenever I go to my gym, I feel good to see people wearing clothes from my line,” laughs Bipasha.

Besides films and fitness, a glut of ad-films also keeps Bipasha busy. But how does she feel with her counterparts topping the ad lists? “I need to do a better job in terms of my PR,” she laughs. “According to me, I have had a very laidback attitude about publicising myself. But I am sure my new publicist will pull me out of the lazy slot.”

But Bipasha is content that her brands too focus on her love for fitness. “Whenever companies come to me with a offer, they don’t have a fixed idea about doing an ad. And I feel good that companies amalgamate my personality with their ad films. So that’s why you see my ‘fit’ personality coming across in all my brands,” she says.

At the moment though, Bipasha is excited about her next big screen outing, Dum Maaro Dum. “Rohan Sippy is a modern-day filmmaker. So he has given a very sleek treatment to the film. I loved my part right from the storyboard stage.

In terms of music, you will listen to a very authentic Portuguese sound because the film is about Goa,” says Bips.

Pointing out that the film deals with the drug underbelly, she says, “There’s no stereotyping of heroes and heroines in it. Three stories run through the film and meet towards the end to make it more interesting.”