"The wedding video rights are not sold to any channel" - Big B ...

By IndiaFM News Bureau

imageReacting to a

story that the filming rights of the Abhishek-Aishwarya wedding were given

to a TV channel, the Big B says, "This is totally false. No such rights were

given. And even if we were offered such a deal, we'd have rejected it

outright. The wedding was a very private moment for our family and close


Continues the Big B, “According to a report we've sold the filming

rights for Rs. 5 crores to a tv channel. We've received a letter from Mr

Rajiv Bakshi to whose channel we were reported to have sold the filming

rights. He categorically states that the report was completely false. Neither

have we promised photographed to any particular publication. The truth is,

today (April 25) I haven't got any photographs. They're expected any time


The Big B is very clear about protecting his family's privacy. "And if

I'm called selfish for that, then yes I'm selfish. I'll protect and safeguard my

family's interests. You can judge me, condemn me and nail me for my

professional conduct. But you can't follow me with cameras into my home.

The wedding was a private affair. And I maintain that."

Having said this, the Big B adds, "I know the media was only doing its

job. And I sincerely apologized to anyone who was hurt on our account.

I've no malice towards the media. Maybe in their excitement some excesses


At the moment the entire family, the new Bahu included, are enjoying

the time together at the Bachchan residence Jalsa. "But I know this bliss is

short-lived. I wish I could spend more time with Aishwarya. But we all

have to get back to work soon. But the family is feeling so much


As for those who were unfortunately left out of the guest list the Big B

has this to say. "We had two kinds of cards made for the wedding. One

was the wedding card and the other is the information card which will go to

all our friends. It informs about the wedding with a shagun and mithai and

asks everyone to bless the couple. We've sent this card to everyone, in the

film industry, the political circles because of Amar Singhji and Jaya, and

whoever has been a part of our lives. Even after all this if some people

choose to be hurt what can we say?"