"We were not true to the film", Tusshar on C Kkompany failure


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Here is one actor who is keeping his chin up and admitting the failure of his recent release even though the stakes were high for him. Fresh after the success of One Two Three, Tusshar Kapoor had a lot riding on C Kkompany since the film had him in the main lead with Anupam Kher and Rajpal Yadav giving him good support. The film failed at the box office but instead of sulking or proclaiming good show in a random B or C center at some remote corner of the country, Tusshar is quick to analyse the reason behind the non-performance of C Kkompany.

"We were not true to the film, it's as simple as that", says Tusshar who is now looking forward to his returns as a 'naughty goonga' in Golmaal Returns, "We should have either stuck to making a comedy or tell a serious story with a message. We tried to amalgamate both and in the process the final product was neither here nor there. But hey, it happens; Sachin Yardi was a new director and we have full faith in his capabilities. He will make a much better film in his next outing."

Doesn't he feel that in spite of being heavily promoted, it lost out to Rock On (that released on the same day) which just swept away anything that came in its way? "That's another lesson that we have learnt", Tusshar is quick to respond, "It is not always quantity which matters; quality speaks it's own language. Rock On had limited promotion but they packaged it very smartly. They were targeting urban youth and promised them a fun outing which they could identify with. Their promos conveyed it beautifully and Abhishek's (Kapoor) direction was brilliant in any case. Result was there to be seen with promos getting good audience and Abhishek ensuring that they come again after the first visit."

There are not many who would acknowledge the success of the other film, especially when it has a role to play (to a good extent) in the underperformance of their own film. "Hey come on, we are living in the times when you have to stand up and appreciate what works", explains Tusshar, "I have done like 19 films now and it would be foolhardy to live in a world where all you can do is fall in love with your own project. One has to analyze the reason behind the success or a failure and move on rather. That's the only way you can grow."