"We may call Partner sequel Tom & Jerry" - David Dhawan


By Subhash K. Jha, IndiaFM

Now that Partner has been declared a roaring hit across the country,

David Dhawan is more determined to do a sequel than ever before.

Delighted by the response, David on Saturday said, "It's an unqualified

success across from Kanyakumari to Bihar. And second-day collections

are even better than the first. I knew people would love the Salman-

Govinda jodi. But to this extent! People are going crazy over the

honeymoon climax…Actually, it’s a bonus climax after the other wedding

climax in the film."

David is all set to make a sequel. "I had decided in a sequel even

before Partner release. Now of course audiences will kill us if we don't

oblige. It's too early to say what kind of a sequel it would be. But Govinda

and Salman will be back together."

Salman recently said it may be called Tom & Jerry. "Why not? We

could very well call it Tom & Jerry. Or we could call it Carry On, Partner,"

jokes David.