We did a lot of research for the show: Aamir Khan


By Hindustan Times

Aamir Khan is a busy man. For weeks now, he has been in and out of shoots connected with his soon-to-be-aired television show, Satyamev Jayate. The actor doesn’t want to talk much about his TV debut, but says he has put a lot of work into its making.

“We did a lot of research for the show,” he says. “We didn’t want to make something randomly. We wanted to make a show that everyone could relate to and understand, something that will make a difference in the long run.” The team behind Satyamev Jayate reserached for 16 episodes, but eventually cut down the show to 13 episodes. “We’d finalised 16 topics, but we didn’t want to go overboard,” says Aamir. “Maybe next time.”

Moving on, he shares a thing or two about the book he originally wanted to adapt for his directorial debut. The actor says, “It’s called When Nietzsche Wept and is a great book. I really wanted to make it into a movie. It was only later that I realised that it wouldn’t be that great an idea because the book and the person it talks about are both very complex. Not everyone would understand the concept.”

Aamir also adds that when 1947: Earth (1998) released almost 15 years ago, everyone was shocked to see him play a hard-hitting role in the film. He says, “When my sister saw the movie in New York, she was surprised. She called and told me that she’d felt like telling everyone around her that I wasn’t like that in reality. The last scene of the movie was quite a shocker for most people.”

What’s the fuss about?
Set in Vienna, When Nietzsche Wept is a 1992 novel by Irvin D Yalom. The book has references to the lives of Josef and Mathilde Breuer, Friedrich Nietzsche, Lou Salome, Sigmund Freud, Bertha Pappenheim, Paul Rée and mentions Franz Overbeck and the composer, Richard Wagner.