WATCH: Salman Khan's 'animated' avatar in Ek Tha Tiger


By Hindustan Times

If you loved Salman Khan in the trailer of Ek Tha Tiger, you will like him in the recently launched ETT Yomics also. In his latest avatar, Salman Khan jumps off the buildings, smashes heads and performs stunts.

The comics was recently launched, but Salman couldn't make it to the event. "Sorry, I can't be at the launch of Ycomics. But I would like to wish Uday Chopra and Yash Raj all the very best."

"Every month a new Yomic will come. We will be adding the fifth title during Diwali. The new title is very different to Dhoom and Ek tha tiger. I want to give the readers something completely new," Uday Chopra said about the Yomics.

Chopra said his Yomics are very different to conventional comic books which are available. Their look and feel makes them distinct.

"I have kept the art work very colourful and simple. It is not grim. Today's comics are very grim and dark. I want to stay away from that. I want to cater to a universal audience and make them feel happy about it. I will enter that realm also but right now I want to make them very appealing," he said.

Comic Description
Will RAW’s best agent survive a deadly mission on the high seas? A routine mission turns ugly for Tiger as a deadly drama on high seas unfolds. Captured, out gunned and outnumbered, the odds seem stacked against Tiger like never before. Will RAW’s best agent survive the night?