Watch OSO, Manoj Kumar isshtyle


By IndiaFM

By now, its general knowledge that Manoj Kumar was tad upset with SRK and Farah Khan for having portrayed him in a bad light in OSO. Hence, SRK, the darling that he always is, went personally to apologize to Mr. Bharat himself! And as per media reports, the two legends met over a cuppa’ coffee and Manoj, the ever-forgiving man that he always is, forgave SRK and said that he has now taken the film in the right spirit!

After all this, comes the icing on the cake, with Mid-Day actually running their imagi-‘nation’ wild and describing as to how Manoj Kumar saab will watch OSO! We wonder what will happen if creative people all over the globe start using Mr. Bharat ‘in the right spirit’, then, little wonder that he will have to order a hajaar coffee jars, which, we hopefully believe will not be ajar!