War of words over Ishq song!



New Delhi, May 17 -- The chartbuster song Ishq Ki Maa Ki from the film I Don't Luv U, whose lyrics were changed to Ishq Ki Naa Ki after allegations of being offensive, came under flak from actor Shabana Azmi on Monday when she tweeted, "I cannot believe that the song Ishq ki Ma ki.. has been written by a woman Pallavi Mishra. Revolting, shameful, disgusting, condemnable."

Reacting strongly, the associate producer of the film, Pallavi Mishra, said: "I am shocked by her public allegations against me. She should have done her research before tweeting as I haven't written that song but it's written by film's director Amit Kasaria. We made the song with no bad intention and depicted today's generation in it. Why did she not fuss when films like Delhi Belly and Gangs Of Wasseypur were belting out songs with double meaning? She made such a noise as she thought a woman has written it. Why this hypocrisy? And most importantly, she is the same person who has done a film like Fire."

Mika, Shaan and Javed Ali have lent their voices to the song which features actors Ruslaan Mumtaz and Chetna Pandey. The movie, produced by Amrapali Media Vision which is the film and entertainment wing of Amrapali Group, releases today.