Wanted audience to connect with fly: Makkhi designer

By Hindustan Times

Establishing an emotional connect between the fly and the audience was the biggest challenge for Pete Draper, the brain behind creating the housefly character in Telugu film Eega, releasing in Hindi as Makkhi on Friday.

Co-founder of US-based Makuta VFX, Draper, who hails from London, worked with as many as 13 experts and a huge team of animators to create the adorable fly for Eega that created history at the box office by garnering a whopping Rs.17 crore on its first day.

"Our biggest challenge was to make the audience emotionally connect with the character. Since there was little facial features for us to play with to display emotion, we took reference from silent movies," Draper told IANS.

Makkhi"We wanted the design of the fly to be unique. He shouldn't be u