Want to work with all the Kapoors: Imtiaz Ali


By Hindustan Times

Imtiaz Ali, after directing Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar (2011), has moved on to direct his mother Neetu Kapoor for a TV commercial that’s recently gone on air. Before the TVC, the duo had worked together for a single scene in Love Aaj Kal (2009), where she appears as the older Harleen Kaur, married
to Rishi Kapoor.

“At that time, she was facing the camera for the first time in over two decades. She was fantastic even then,” recalls Imtiaz, adding, “Now, when I directed her, she seemed far more comfortable with the camera. She was getting her lines and expressions right in no time, the way she must have been in her heydays. Thanks to Do Dooni Chaar (2010), which brought her back to full-time acting, she was so effortless on the sets.”

Considering he’s just directed her 30-year-old son in one of last year’s biggest successes, would he now work with the mother in his next? “Neetu is the only Kapoor I’ve worked with twice in my career. I’ve worked once each with Kareena, Ranbir and Rishi. Honestly, I’d like to work with all or one of the Kapoors in my next as well. They’re all brilliant actors,” says Imtiaz, who confesses he had a tough time choosing between Ranbir and Kareena for Rockstar.

When asked what is he working on next, the writer-director admits he’s still looking for a story. “I don’t churn out one film after another in less than a year. I take some time to get my story and script right,” says Imtiaz, adding, “As of now, I don’t know what kind of film I’ll make. I’m just happy to see Ranbir receive so many awards for his performance. Not just as his director, but even as an outsider, I feel he deserves it.”