Vivek's car-nama!


By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Oct. 27 -- Safedi is not done yet. Now he wants me to hear about Vivek Oberoi, who had gone to Ananthpur. Kyun? Kyunki that is the hometown of Paritala Ravi, whom the actor portrays in Rakhta Charitra. So? So, I'm told that after visiting the real Ravi's memorial, the Oberoi boy, with his convoy of 103 cars, was heading towards Bengaluru. Reason: he's tying the knot with Priyanka Alva on Friday dahlings.

Dhobi informs me that the actor's car, which was zooming at 180 kmph, broke down on the highway. Thank God for small mercies, an alternative car arrived in time to help the stranded Oberoi reach his sasuraal in Bengaluru. Phew!