Vivek Oberoi lashes out at media!


By Hindustan Times

Vivek Oberoi doesn’t think he’s a flop actor. And, he has been fuming at those who say he is. The 34-year-old, who was last seen in Ram Gopal Varma’s Rakht Charitra, lashed out at the media on his recent visit to a college in Jodhpur, after reporters asked him why he hasn’t had a hit in long.

“Main aapko sau cheezein dikha doonga aapke bare mein … sab thodi sach hoti hai (I will tell you a hundred things that’ve been said about you — they aren’t all true, are they?). Check your facts,” he said, adding, “Check Wikipedia ... aapke facts galat hai (according to me, your facts are wrong) ... nau saal ke career mein sattais awards jeet chuka hoon main (I have won 27 awards during my nine-year career).”

Interestingly, Wikipedia says the actor has won 14 and not 27 awards, as he claims.

The YouTube video of the episode has received hundreds of views, and film buffs are amused at Oberoi’s reactions. “Vivek’s claims are outrageous. He knows he’s a flop actor, but I guess it’s hard for him to accept it,” says Payal Verma, 25, a BPO employee.

Vivek OberoiPriya Randhawa, 24, says, “Criticism should be taken in the right spirit. His rudeness only shows his insecurity.” However, a source close to the actor says, “Things have been blown out of proportion. It was nothing major.”

The actor is known to have a hot temper that has showed up in media meets more than once.