Vivek: Not without my director!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 23 -- In a jiffy, Mottu is back with my icy drink and is now insisting that I hear an item about Vivek Oberoi. Not again, I say. She pleads saying that the actor has been really very patient with Kuki Gulati. Who he now?

I'm told that he's the director of Prince and is feeling deprived of his share of publicity. So whenever Vivs goes out to talk about the film, Gulati bhai ensure that he posed for maximum photographs with his hero.

Seems he wasn't too pleased with Vivek hogging all the limelight, but he couldn't get a single solo picture clicked for himself anywhere, sighs Mottu. And like a very understanding and cooperative actor, Vivs would gladly pose with Kuki for the lensmen. Really now, kya karun main is Motti ka? But then, such is life dearies.