Vishal Bhardwaj: 'Women are stronger than men'


By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Oct. 19 -- Known for the intense drama in his films, Vishal Bhardwaj is finally ready to break this notion about himself. Now, with Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola (MKBKM), the filmmaker is finally stepping into the comedy films genre. He calls this project a "total comedy movie".

It's a complete contrast from his earlier films, and Vishal is happy with the way MKBKM has turned out. He says, "I have tried to make comedy films in the past, but somehow, they all ended up being dark, intense films." But the director thinks it's a "relief " that this one hasn't become like any of those.

Vishal also talks about the important roles that women play in all his movies. Whether it was Maqbool (2005), Ishqiya (2010) or Saat Khoon Maaf (2011), the leading lady has had a crucial role. Now, in MKBKM, Anushka Sharma is portraying the character of Bijlee, who is a rich, spoilt brat.

Vishal says, "Not just in films, women are stronger than men in real life as well. I naturally tend to portray the female characters in my films as really strong individuals. In this film too, Anushka's character will come across very powerfully."