Vipul Shah to direct London Dreams?


By IndiaFM News Bureau

London Dreams which was supposed to be directed by filmmaker

Rajkumar Santoshi has not been shelved. Santoshi had moved on and

decided not do direct the film, but producer P.J. Singh has not really

shelved the film. In fact, Salman Khan, who is one of the main leads has

asked filmmaker Vipul Shah to direct the film. London Dreams is about

two childhood friends, who struggle to become rock stars in London. It

stars Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan in main lead.

According to Vipul Shah, Salman has asked him to direct London

Dreams. Vipul has asked for the script and is yet to go through it, only then

will he decide if he would direct the film.

Producer P. J. Singh however seems unhappy over Santoshi’s

announcement of the film being shelved. Singh says that London dreams is

not shelved and that he will finalize everything once he is back in